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Are designed to benefit owners, manufacturers, regulators, and investors as we help them minimize risk and optimize performance in this critical, complex, and ever-evolving industry.

Business Entry

Works with investor-owned and publicly owned utilities to evaluate and develop approaches for incorporating solar into customer offerings, the power mix, and the asset base.

Program Planning

We are available to work with government agencies, including commercial and residential customers to offer research and development roadmaps. We can also help local agencies assess how limited program dollars can best serve individual goals and industry needs.

Your Best Option

Provides solar project development with a broad range of services, including pre-feasibility studies, technology screening analysis, site assessments, financial reviews, transmission studies, employment impact assessments, and independent project reviews.

Corporate & State

Providing end-to-end support for corporate entities, commercial and residential clients in procuring solar systems and electrical installation off the grid.

Site Identification

Site identification, financial structure analyses, and contract development for design-build and power purchase agreement procurements, contract negotiation, and project management consulting.

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