350W Monocrystalline Solar Panel


350 Watt, Monocrystalline, 1000V DC, 72 Cell Solar Panel, Sunmodule Series, Silver Aluminum Frame, Weight: 45.2 lbs. L x W x D: 78.46″ x 39.4″ x 1.3″. 33mm Frame. *32 modules per pallet*
Wattage: 350
Volts DC: 1000


A single 350W solar panel is rated to produce 350 watts of power, but the actual power output you see from your panels depends on many factors, including geographic location, shading, and the tilt of your panels.

The number of solar panels you’ll install depends on the amount of electricity you want to generate and the space available for solar panels. The table below compares different sized solar panel systems by the number of 350W solar panels needed for each system size. In some cases, the number of 350W panels is rounded to the nearest panel.