Basics Of Solar Energy

You’ve probably heard the term before and asked yourself, “What is solar energy?” Simply put, it’s a form of energy that uses the radiation and heat from the sun and turns it into a power source for a variety of purposes. In fact, solar power can be used to do anything that we use other types of power for. At this time, though, some things are more efficient by using alternate methods. For example, scientists and researchers have been working on creating a solar powered car for a couple of decades now. Unfortunately, their current creations can’t compare to the existing automobiles that run on fuel so they aren’t very popular yet.

Renewable energy is a rapidly growing field with opportunities for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installers, Solar Water Heater Installers, Solar Air Conditioner Installers and Solar Sales Professionals.  The need for trained professionals in the solar energy technology is the way forward for roofers, electricians, technicians, contractors, builders and professionals, and solar system marketing executive to expand their skill sets and grow their business.              

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